Student Research Work in 2013

A Study To Determine Content Validation of the Question Papers of English of Long Courses Run at the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul
Author: (colonel) Akhtar Ahmes Khalili (7011)
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Earning Management & Dividend Policy: An Empirical Comparison Among Kse (100), Bse (100), See (100), Nasdaq (100) & Ibrx (100)
Author: Moona Shamim (120)
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Impact of Corporate Governance Determinants and Macroeconomic Factors on Dividend Payout Policy: A Case of Kse
Author: Anum Altaf (5012)
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Impact of Fdi on Export-Sector Wise Study of Manufacturing industries of Pakistan
Author: Kaleem Ahmed Ghias (5634)
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influence of Stress and Self-Esteem on Academic Achievement of Undergraduate Students: A Study on Selected Private Universities of Pakistan
Author: Sheeba Farhan (5987)
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the Relationship Between Emotional intelligence and Aggression Among Undergraduate Student I Selected Universities in Pakistan
Author: Rubina Masoom (7012)
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